Mair W. Culbreth is an independent choreographer and educator and holds Ph.D. in Dance Studies with a minor in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from The Ohio State University. She completed a Master of Science in Kinesiology and specializes in movement re-education through modalities such as Pilates. Her professional work included on this site reflects a performance career in San Francisco, California and choreographic work through the company she co-directs, “between the lines.”

between the lines is an interdisciplinary art lab dedicated to research through multiple methodologies and modes of learning centered on the creative process. Integrating practice-based research and knowledge with a critical framework, between the lines considers questions of collaboration, community, power, self-reflexivity and artistic practice.  As an artistic research lab, it generates questions and ideas, working with local communities, histories and collaborators.  The media emerges from the questions.

Co-founded by visual artist/builder Nicole Bauguss and movement researcher/choreographer, Mair Culbreth, the lab synthesizes different disciplinary frameworks to create an environment for something new to emerge.

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